Sometimes, pirates fight for gold. Sometimes, pirates fight over grudges. And sometimes, pirates fight because both of them are completely and utterly drunk. Avast! *hic!*

Rum n' Gun! is a two-person, local multiplayer platform fighter in the vein of Towerfall. You are a pirate - yar har, fiddle-dee-dee and all that good stuff. You are fighting another pirate because... well, you're drunk, and so is he, and that's really all the premise to this that you're gonna get. Now, the thing about getting really drunk is that everything gets rather wobbly - up is down, left is also down, you might accidentally fire your gun when you mean to take a running leap, that sort of thing. At first, you start out fine. But every time you best your foe, he gets the chance to swap two of your controls - and you don't get to know what's swapped until you're trying to go right and you're hopping up and down instead. So, uh, watch your step out there, matey.

CONTROLS (important!)

Player 1:

  • Jump: W
  • Go left: A
  • Go right: D
  • Duck: S (doesn't actually do anything to your hitbox, so watch your head!)
  • Shoot: Space

Player 2:

  • Jump, go left/right, duck: Arrow Keys (see above for general layout)
  • Shoot: Numpad 0 (Num Lock has to be on!)

When changing your enemy's controls, press the buttons for the commands that you want to swap. (So, if Player 1 wanted to switch jumping and shooting, he'd press W and Space.) These are also subject to being switched around as well!

A Word from the Creator

So, this game is missing quite a few things, like an options menu, in-game controls and credits, gamepad support, etc. This is strictly a hardware limitation based on the fact that I'm using Construct 2's free version. If I could add more content, I would, but I am unable to without paying more money than I'd like for the license. Sorry. It's also why I can't accept money for this - though feel free to send me nice words on Twitter if you like this. Perhaps in the future this'll get an updated rerelease, but in the meantime, enjoy it for what it is.

Patch Notes

1.01 (8/10/2015) - fixed major bugs regarding Player 2 being able to win and being able to play multiple matches in a row.

1.1 (8/29/2015) - lowered player speed (thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on this!)



Music – "I'll Have A Cup Of Ocean" by Little Space Beast

Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License ( ).

Downloaded from from

"Drunken Sailor", 8-bit version created by Gamer1Guys

"If Something is Found in a Cave...That is Where It Should Stay..." by Spaceman Fantastiques

Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License ( ).

Downloaded from from

"Pirate" - Devon Baumgarten (@lalanl)

Character sprites by

Victory sprites by John R. Catto (he's awesome!)

Jump Sounds - dkon

Other sounds - yd, artisticdude

Tileset by Zack Alvarado

Backgrounds By Zeyu Ren 任泽宇

Special Thanks to Zoe Quinn, for inspiring me to get off my ass and start making actual games again.

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